The street children of Beira

Beira at night

The final night, a night that weighed heavy on our hearts, was with the street children of Beira.

These children are orphaned and have no homes or place to live. The orphanages around the city are either too full and don’t have the capacity to take in more children or some simply refuse to take the children in as they are ill. Every night these children have to try and find shelter and a safe place to sleep. During the day lunch is made available by Sant’Egidio and twice a week they all join to have a warm dinner. For some, these are the only dinners they will have all week. For that hour, all the children sit together eating, talking and laughing. And then just like that, the area once filled with the street children, is emptied out as they head into the dark to find a place for the night.

A very big thank you to Sant’Egidio and Deutsche AIDS-Stiftung for giving us the opportunity to capture these moments and meet these friendly children.