A visit with Winnie & Maggie

Cape Town, South Africa with Winnie and Maggie.



This February I had the opportunity to be back in one of my favourite cities and once again visit our friends at the HOPE-Kapstadt Stiftung.

During our trip in October, we met Maggie – a lovely and friendly lady living in a corrugated iron shack in the Blikkiesdorp township with her niece Winnie. Winnie, 3-years-old, was left an orphan after her mother died of HIV/Aids. No electricity and no running water in their shack meant that life was extremely difficult for them.

One of many HOPE-Kapstadt Stiftung initiatives is to find proper housing for the residents of the township and the orphans of HIV/Aids. As it had been a few months since our last visit we were curious about how Winnie and Maggie were doing,  and it was then that we were informed of Winnie and Maggie’s exciting new development – they have a new home!

Thank you to HOPE-Kapstadt Stiftung for taking us to visit and spend some time with Winnie and Maggie, we’re so happy to see how one by one you are able to change the lives of the Cape Town people.

For more information on their initiatives and how you can help, head over to https://aids-stiftung.de/infos-über-die-stiftung/so-helfen-wir/hope-capetown