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At Home with Tomas Rodriguez

POSTED ON 22. Februar 2021  (17:23)

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Eine Geschichte fürs Herz

POSTED ON 8. Februar 2021  (14:02)

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Orthomol Sport

POSTED ON 28. Januar 2021  (12:49)

Fotografie Tomas Rodriguez und Orthomol Sport

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A peek into an Italian Expedition…

POSTED ON 20. Januar 2021  (09:30)

Fotografie Tomas Rodriguez in Apulia, Italy.

Under One Sky

POSTED ON 10. Dezember 2020  (19:51)

The Only One – Music by Underonesky, Video by Fotografie Tomas Rodriguez

As featured on the cover

POSTED ON 19. November 2020  (13:06)

Fotografie Tomas Rodriguez for the cover of Pure Nature’s 25 Year Anniversary Magazine.

Grab it! Show it!

POSTED ON 12. November 2020  (10:38)

Fotografie Tomas Rodriguez

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Autumn with Canon Deutschland

POSTED ON 8. Oktober 2020  (13:46)

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DGUV – Blöde Idee, Schlaue Idee

POSTED ON 30. September 2020  (13:34)

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A day with the Female Football Player of Year 2020

POSTED ON 10. September 2020  (11:27)

Pernille Harder – 2020’s Female Football Player of the Year

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As featured online – Part 3

POSTED ON 9. September 2020  (11:07)

Fotografie Tomas Rodriguez original featured online for the Coastline Children’s Film Festival.

Italia 2020

POSTED ON 31. Juli 2020  (09:00)

Fotografie Tomas Rodriguez

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Wildlife Parallax

POSTED ON 23. Juni 2020  (09:00)

In 2019 I had the incredible opportunity to spend a few weeks in Kenya and in particular the Maasai Mara region.

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Canon Academy Webinar

POSTED ON 12. Juni 2020  (10:00)

Canon Fotobuch Webinar with Fotografie Tomas Rodriguez

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An afternoon of Ballet

POSTED ON 4. Juni 2020  (10:02)

Cape Town, South Africa with Fotografie Tomas Rodriguez

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Winter With Ford

POSTED ON 6. Mai 2020  (09:39)

Fotografie Tomas Rodriguez with Ford.

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As Featured in Fine Art Printer

POSTED ON 27. April 2020  (09:35)

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REWE Lieferservice

POSTED ON 8. April 2020  (09:22)

Fotografie Tomas Rodriguez

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Digit Magazine

POSTED ON 11. Januar 2020  (11:57)

Fotografie Tomas Rodriguez featured in Digit Magazine

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The Grande Hotel Beira

POSTED ON 22. Oktober 2019  (13:18)

One of the residents of Grande Hotel Beira.

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The spirit of a city that cannot be washed away

POSTED ON 15. Oktober 2019  (15:24)

Some of the young survivors of Cyclone Idai.

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Kenya in Spring 2019

POSTED ON 12. Oktober 2019  (08:05)


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A visit with the Maasai Mara

POSTED ON 11. Oktober 2019  (14:50)

A member of the Maasi tribe – Maasai Mara, Kenya

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Claudius Therme

POSTED ON 10. Oktober 2019  (08:25)

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DGUV campaign as featured in the press

POSTED ON 9. Oktober 2019  (16:28)

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As seen in the press

POSTED ON 2. Oktober 2019  (13:58)

A Tomas Rodriguez original on the cover of the latest edition of the Spartacus Traveler.

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The VW Lifestyle

POSTED ON 24. September 2019  (14:20)


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Italy 2019

POSTED ON  (10:34)

Location shots in Italia

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