As seen in the press

A Tomas Rodriguez original on the cover of the latest edition of the Spartacus Traveler.

Even with the growth of all things digital and the easy availability of media, many a times I find myself picking up a magazine and thoroughly enjoy the feeling of the paper between my fingers while reading a traditional print form of media and advertising.

The invention of social media, google and the internet has made it simple and quick for photographers to share their work and discover where their photos are being used and by whom. In the past, it would be exciting to open up a magazine, sometimes not knowing exactly what may come up, and to see your photo on the pages of a magazine. It was on a recent flight from Frankfurt to Cape Town that I had that exact experience.

Above is a snapshot of a Tomas Rodriguez original, taken last year in Cape Town and now featured in the FlySAA magazine as part of their South African Airways Voyager and Nedbank campaign.

Next time you open a magazine, keep an eye out for a Tomas Rodriguez original.